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Buy this book! I don't often give such a blanket endorsement but this book works on many levels. It's one of the few books that really addresses the needs of more experienced ASP.NET developers as well as providing a well thought out text that can be used by instructors. There's a plethora of things in this book that make it worthwhile. There are walkthroughs, code listings, in depth examples, and code snippets. There are 16 chapters and an appendix. At the end of each chapter there's a summary, exercises, key concepts, and references for further investigation. The first half of the book explains how to use the various Web controls that are available. There are tips called "core notes" scattered throughout the book. For instance, author Randy Connolly suggests that if you need to compare only the date portion of a datetime field then you should use .toshortdatestri... (more)

Book Reviews

Microsoft .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit I wanted to read this book before it was ever announced. At the time, I was just beginning work on a project here at Expand Beyond to connect our Java-based application server, the XBAnywhere Server, with our .NET-based Web service, the Windows Gateway. I read an article written by Simon Guest about using WS-Security between Java and .NET, but wanted more information. I contacted him at Microsoft and was told, "There's a book coming - be patient!"  Several months later, I received the book and eagerly began reading. I wasn't disap... (more)

ASP.NET Cookbook

The "cookbook" format has become quite popular in recent years as a vehicle for presenting ideas and code. Each chapter focuses in on a particular topic. Each topic contains a number of "recipes" that build upon other recipes to present ideas that may be of value to developers. As with real cookbooks, the quality of these programming "cookbooks" varies. Some cookbooks present only the entrees while others present a full-course meal. This book falls into the latter category. It is chock-full of recipes that as the authors state, "help you quickly and efficiently solve many of the ... (more)

Build Your Own ASP.NET 2.0 Web Site Using C# & VB.NET

This book contains 14 chapters and an appendix. Its subtitle is "the ultimate ASP.NET beginner's guide." As its two titles imply, this book covers the basics on a lot of ASP.NET topics. The chapter titles convey this: ASP.Net basics, VB and C# programming basics, constructing ASP.NET Web pages, database design and development, etc. The authors state that the book is designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. I am not sure about how effective the book will be for the intermediate and advanced users because the book barely skims the surface regarding object-oriented ... (more)

.NET Book Review: Murach's SQL Server 2005 for Developers

This book is an update of an earlier version that was written for SQL Server 2000. It employs the Murach approach of dual pages that repeat and enhance the concepts being presented on each page. If you're new to SQL Server 2005 you'll gain a lot from this book. It has three goals: to teach T-SQL (Transact SQL), introduce you to the new .NET CLR integration, and introduce you to the new graphical user interface called SQL Server Management Studio that replaces the enterprise manager and query analyzer that were part of the SQL Server 2000 package of software tools. The authors do ... (more)